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Vrinda earrings

Vrinda earrings

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Type- Ethnic and western

Material - Brass,kundan,pachi kundan,kaan chain,18k gold polish,Golden meenakri,enamel premium quality material used,High quality pearls are used, cluster pearls.

Description -Jewelry can really add a special touch to an outfit and enhance one's overall appearance. Whether it's a statement piece or a subtle accessory, the right jewelry can make a big difference. It's all about finding pieces that suit your personal style and complement your outfit.When done correctly, pairing jewelry with an outfit can create a cohesive and polished look. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or a bold, colorful outfit, the right jewelry can enhance your overall appearance and add a touch of elegance and style.

Pack contains - Pair of Earrings.

Ship- Dispatch time-3-4 days, Delivery time 6-7 working days or as per location.

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